The Best in Natural Tattoo Healing and Aftercare

InkMedic Tattoo Aftercare is the ideal, all-natural salve for safe and effective tattoo healing. From the Green Mountains of Vermont to the woodlands of central Florida, InkMedic is the culmination of years providing natural herbal remedies and holistic care for your body. InkMedic is made exclusively from organic herbal extracts and pure essential oils and never contains harsh chemicals, dyes, lanolin, or petroleum.

Soothe, Heal & Protect your expensive artwork with a natural, herbal, tattoo care product you can feel great about using and that you can truly rely on!Although InkMedic was specially designed for use on Tattoos, many customers have also found great results when used on Eczema, Psoriasis, Diaper Rash, Dried Chaffed Skin & More.