Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

don’t remove the bandage just yet

A tattoo is essentially an open wound, so you should treat it as carefully as possible.If your tattoo artist covered your tattoo in plastic wrap, you should replace it with the proper bandage immediately. Plastic wrap will prevent your skin from breathing properly, pool all of the fluids without absorbing them and create a breeding ground for bacteria that could lead to infection. You’ll want to use a breathable, sterile bandage to help fight infection and absorb the fluids caused by getting a tattoo. Leave the bandage on for 2 to 4 hours and try not removing it to show off the tattoo!

cleaning your new artwork

Washing your tattoo is pretty straightforward but should not be overlooked. You’ll want a light, anti bacterial/microbial soap to wash away any tattoo ointment (hopefully not Neosporin, as it can pull the ink from your skin), ink ditreous and any fluids that could still be hanging around so they don’t scab. Get some soap in your hands, mix it with some slightly warm water, lather it up on the tattoo, rinse, gently pat dry with a soft paper towel, then apply a light amount of InkMedic tattoo ointment and presto!

using InkMedic to heal your tattoo

Apply a small amount of InkMedic ointment to your tattoo when it starts to feel dry or after washing. You don’t want too much as it could liquefy, if this happen just dab it lightly with a paper towel, but keep enough so it is moist. You should use InkMedic for 3-5 days, after which you can use a light lotion such as Eucerin.

tattoo care do’s and don’ts

Here is a quick list of what you should and shouldn’t do with your new tattoo:

  • Don’t – use Neosporin or Vasoline
  • Don’t – soak your tattoo. No swimming, baths or keg parties for at least 2 weeks (please shower though!)
  • Don’t – us rubbing alchohol, or any alchohol for that matter
  • Don’t – scratch or peel scabs, if you do, don’t eat them please
  • Do – keep it out of the sun for a couple weeks. When healed, you should use a 30spf sunblock.
  • Do – Keep these tattoo aftercare instructions handy for your next piece
  • Do – use InkMedic Tattoo Aftercare!